How to create Chinese pronunciation generated flash cards

  If you are here to look for information about how to create Chinese pronunciation generated flash cards, that means you’re probably either a proactive Chinese learner or a dedicated Chinese teacher who wants to create online flash cards for students. Let’s celebrate your hard work on learning Chinese and get started on making flash cards!

First of all, you have to create an account on Quizlet

After signing up, you can choose three ways to log in, log in with Google, Facebook or Apple

Second, once you log in, you will find “Create” on the upper-left part of the page

Third, on the page of creating new sets of flash card, enter title for the flash card set and description if needed. Then, there are TWO WAYS of adding words to the study set.

1. Add new words manually

You can enter each item and definition one by one here, and add new cards when needed.


2. Import from Word, Excel, Google Docs, etc. (Recommended!)

As it says on there, “Import your data. Copy and Paste your data here (from Word, Excel, Google Docs, etc.)”, but how exactly?

Here I explain it in details for you down below!
A method I personally created for making Chinese flash cards for my students!

Easiest and Fastest way to create a new study set

1. Set up a Excel format as follows

E column: =A1&C1&B1&D1

2. Go to your word list, and it has to be pre-sorted like this. Three columns in order-Chinese, Pinyin, and English:

Here I take my “Season 1 Episode 2 Let’s open a restaurant!” as an example

3. Copy only Chinese and Pinyin columns

4. Go to the Excel format you already made earlier, and paste them on columns A and B. Once you paste, it will automatically generate column E as you can see here.

5. Now go back to word list again, and this time copy the English column

6. Now, go back to the Excel format again, and paste it on column F

7. Now copy only column E and F, we are almost there!

8. Go back to import Excel web page, and then just paste it there! Once you paste, you will see down below “Preview” generated immediately!

9. Choose the language for your flash card, in this case, Traditional Chinese and English. Then go to the up-right corner click create!

10. Then you will see your freshly-made flash cards! Now click “Flashcards”

11. Let’s do some settings in order to make it sound as how you want.

OK, now we are done!


  Now your flash cards will say the words automatically, however, there is no option to choose accents, so the accent you’re hearing from the flashcards is not of Taiwan. I wish there is Taiwanese accent option to choose from, but you can come to my podcast where you will hear and learn Chinese with Taiwanese accent!

Enjoy Learning!