Who is behind Inspire Mandarin?
The founder of Inspire Mandarin is also the host of the podcast– Joyce, and YES, this is Joyce here writing to you! So here you go the answer. 😉

Who is Joyce?
I am a passionate language teacher as well as a proactive language learner myself. I have been teaching since 2011, and I have students from all over the world. I totally understand how learners struggle when they’re learning a new language. Not only because of my own language learning experience(I’ve learned Cantonese, Spanish, Japanese, and some little “exploration” on a couple of other languages.), but also because of the experiences working with my lovely students, I know what they needed the most. Being as a teacher, I realized a podcast like this is very hard to find(I barely found any to use as a supplemental material for my students.) Thus, I made up my mind and decided to create valuable content for Chinese learners.

Where do you find these topics?
When I am deciding on a topic to talk about in the episode, I always ask myself “Is it an interesting topic?” “Is it helpful?” “Is it useful?” “What value will it bring to the audience?”, and many more. The reason behind this is that I want to and I am creating content that will attract people to listen to INCLUDING myself. If I, myself, also find it dull, then it is not the kind of content I’m creating here. Only when I can see myself, as a learner, finding it interesting to listen to and learn language from, then it is a good content to bring to you!

Do you have a list for future episodes?
I am always exploring great topics to work on, and at the same time, it is wonderful to hear your ideas! I am thrilled to know what you are interested in and excited to learn about. Feedback is always welcomed!

Do you invite guests to your episode?
Yes, I will invite guest speakers to my show from time to time depending on the topic.

What materials will be created in the future?
With your support, I am planning to make e-books that are essential and valuable for advanced learners. The goal is to help advanced learners to make their Chinese more native-like!

What new updates will be added in the future?
I wish to build a learning community between listeners. In there, the audience can share their thoughts, ideas, questions and knowledge, and the most important thing is listeners can practice what they learned and help each other grow! I’d love to see that social support and rapport! Will you join then? 😀