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S1E30 How do you define your "job"? Inspire Mandarin

In this episode, we will talk about different definitions one has to his/her job. ——————————— Words for today: 滿足 satisfy 症候群 syndrome 層次 level 職業 occupation 事業 career 志業 calling 熱情 enthusiasm 透過 through 升遷 promotion 權力 power 貢獻 contribute 特定 specific 神父 Priest 消防員 firefighters 使命感 sense of calling 歸屬感 sense of belonging 樂趣 pleasure 意義 meaning 擅長 good at 熱愛 love 湧現 emerge 在乎 care 支持 support 幸福感 happiness 建議 suggest 解釋 explain 發展 development 領域 field ———————————————— Follow me on Instagram: @inspiremandarin Visit my website/blog: inspiremandarin.com Transcripts are available now! Come and practice transcribing with other listeners, join Inspire Mandarin Learner Group on Facebook: facebook.com/inspiremandarin Want to support me? Buy me a coffee here: reurl.cc/ZQ0rNl
  1. S1E30 How do you define your "job"?
  2. S1E29 How is Kaohsiung and where to visit!
  3. S1E28 US suffers bubble tea drought?
  4. S1E27 A wish list from Apple customers
  5. S1E26 Star Wars Day in Taipei

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